I’m Back… And I Got a New Cookbook

I cannot believe it’s been almost eight months since I blogged on here. I will do my best to post on here more often especially because I’m going on my first international trip by myself. I will be spending one week in Vancouver, BC Canada and one week in Portland, Oregon. Ok so it’s not that big of an international trip since I live in the U.S. but it’s still a big deal to me.

While I am on my trip, I plan on visiting some gluten-free bakeries that I have found on Yelp and will do my best to post reviews. Lately I’ve been able to eat food with dairy in them so I’m wondring if I have out-grown my lactose intollerance. I read somewhere that you possible can. Knowing that, it will be easier for me to enjoy treats while I’m away.

This will not be a long post, but I did want to share with you that I have found a new cookbook – or new to me since it was first published in 2002. It’s called The Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free Kitchen by Denis Jardine. I bought the book without even looking in it. That night I tried one of the side dish recipes. The roasted brussell sprouts in a balsamic reduction was so good. I even added zuccinni to it and it was amazing. I cannot wait to try even more recipes from this book.